Mummy, You won’t understand. It is a modern world. You are too old to get through it. Aren’t these words so common in our family? Of course, it is and at later stages, it becomes horrific which leads to some disastrous step often by parents or children. Small scuffles often lead to separation. The hands which brought up, nursed us is now begging for mercy.


A recent study by Help Age India concluded that Kerala which is the most literate state in India has the maximum number of old age homes. A data released by the census controller of India says 1961 aged above 60 years comprises of 5.8 percent of the total population which moved to 8.9 percent in 2016. And that of above 70 above is greater than that of 60.


According to UN estimates, the age population in the world is expected to touch 22 percent by 2050. In 2015 it is nearly 900 million which is expected to rise up to 2 billion. Today 125 million people are aged 80 years or older. In India, the rate of the aged population is higher than that of other states. As per a report, aged Kerala will constitute 16 percent of the total population by 2021 and 20 percent by 2026.

Lets us see some statistics which says that in India today there are 728 Old Age Homes. Out of it 547 homes have detailed information and 325 homes are free of cost while 95 old age homes have both free as well as pay & stay facilities and 11 homes have no information. These figures are so gruesome that it will lead us to contemplate our modern education and ambiance. Affluent men with good academic background are increasingly abandoning their parents. Metro cities are witnessing the rapid emergence of old age homes.

The true Indian culture and values which we inherited from our forefathers where parents were compared with God are diminishing. We are heading towards an immoral world where value and ethics will be a statement of Adam’s Age. 

Let's come forward and pledge not to disown our parents and October 1 International Day of Older People should be commemorated as a day of happy parenthood. Else the day is near where Dada Dadi word will not be heard anymore.

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Arti Mishra

Arti Mishra 2 months ago  Reply

Our parents are an essential part of our lives. They raise us regardless of having such huge numbers of financial troubles. They satisfy our every request and never gripe about anything. Consequently, it’s our obligation to give regard, love, and care for them. 


For what reason do a few of us abandon them in Old-age Homes? Why did they have to battle isolated there? God has given folks the quality to deal with their old ones. Thus, we ought not to disregard Almighty's reward.

Eradicating this problem is really a tough job but to destroy this issue guardians should set a case before their kids by serving their folks and elder with love and support. Once the youngsters get this valuable quality in him they wouldn't have such barbarism in our general public.

The guardians who are confronting this circumstance presently should join individuals like them to keep away from dejection. They can likewise enable individuals to like them. They can demonstrate that they don't need such children in their lives.

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