Shaping up the Youths-Youth Seminars....!

Initiating with such an idea of having a gathering of youths under one roof is always sounds to be a disaster... But Hey...! This Heartfulness Organization has finally did a miracle of accommodating around 1200 youth all in one place for their spiritual, physical, mental and emotional training for a week...

They have been conducting series of such seminars but this turned out to be the huge one where in youths were invited from all over the world hence it was recognised to be the Second International Youth Seminar held at the Heartfulness World Headquarters Kanhashantivanam.

Switching over to the theme for the seminar... Well that was given by the President of Heartfulness Organization lovingly known as Daaji... and it is... The Role of the Abhyasi in Spiritual Evolution!

Shaping up the Youths-Youth Seminars....!

The stage was taken over by Vasco Gasper, a certified Mindfulness presenter also a Heartfulness Trainer who took over the hearts of each one of us by his beautiful practical activities and experiences... which was concentrated on the form “U” which signified ‘from one end to another’

Thus, this “U” was involved with a lot of intermediate steps as below:

  • Downloading (Past Patterns)
  • Suspending
  • Seeing with fresh eyes (Open-mind curiosity)
  • Sensing from the field or earth (Open-heart compassion)
  • Retreat and Reflect
  • Presencing and Connecting to source (Open-will or courage)
  • Crystallization
  • Prototyping (By linking Heart, Mind and Soul)
  •  Performing (By Operating from the Whole)

For making these step get into the nerves of the audience, he made them reflect upon via discussion and journaling.

Apart from this he also integrated his sessions with the short motivational video in the start and at the end of the session. Well it just felt like the seed is been sown by him and its left to nurture within each of our hearts... a phenomenal response.

In particular the taking from this seminar was:-

  • Everyone always have a CHOICE
  • Things are IMPERMANENT that we are surrounded with
  • Every actions of one, IMPACTS the WHOLE
  • Each of us, are into two (Higher Self and Lower Self)

Well, this was not the end... the fun begun with the rejuvenating yoga session guided by Ira Trivedi, a renowned Yoga Trainer... beautifully she taught about the stretches and the postures needed for a  healthy lifestyle and its importance for improving one’s living standards.

Along with this youths were also involved in the volunteer work for giving the nature a part their love by planting more than 1000 trees accompanied by a meditation beside each plant for their beautiful nurturing... This was such an astounding idea all-together which amazed me internally...

Watch this:

This was the conclusion for all the stress and miseries of the youths and felt like a new life experience they have ever did in their life-time...

It was so alluring to walk on the natural path without distractions which turned out to be the life-changing experience for all of us... likewise those trees... a seed was also been sown in each one of us and now waiting for it to get nurtured...

Hats-off to the team for such a commendable conduction of the seminar... which will be valued till our last breathe...

Thank You Team...
International Youth Seminar 2018 Kanhashantivanam

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