Jetpack Suits: Technology at its best

A suit has been prepared in London which can be worn like the great comic superhero Iron Man of MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). The suit is been made by a British inventor and entrepreneur Richard Browning. Now they are preparing to sell it. He has fixed the price of $ 4.42 million (about Rs.34 million). 

Jetpack Suits: Technology at its best

Browning claims that it covers the distance at about 50 kilometers/hour. With this help can be blown up to a height of 12 thousand feet. The suit is made from five jet engines, special tech, and 3D printed parts.

According to Browning, an oil trader in the city of London, "My father was an engineer in the airplane company, Grandfather Pilot used to make helicopters. After watching the movie Ironman, I used to make the same suit. Tried to make suit like the first jets, but did not get success. After that, used five jet engines,

Jetpack Suits: Technology at its best

Browning believes that this suit can be helpful for the army. Actually, it can be moved to places where it is impossible to get an airplane or helicopter. Browning has now also formed a company to create this suit, named Gravity.

Browning has kept the 1050 horsepower suite for sale in a department store in London. Some people have also contacted for buying it. Browning has demonstrated the flight from this suite in many programs. Apart from this, videos of this suit can also be seen on Gravity's Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. Browning believes that people in the future will be able to fly themselves without airplanes.

So after reading about this whole stuff the primary thought which came in my mind was when such technology will enter in our country…?

Jetpack Suits: Technology at its best

I don’t even think a day passes by when we don’t hear in the news when our army officials are been attacked till death and deals with violence. These suits could set a new benchmark if are taken in use by our defense service officials. A proper introspection should be done by our officials on this particular subject and these suits should be brought up in the battlefields. 

Watch this: 

I am wrapping up my write up here but will definitely come up again with some more updates on Jetpack suits.

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